Comm Connect 3028 Site One 50kHz-4.4 GHz Handheld Cable - Antenna Analyser



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The Comm Connect 3028  two port Site One cable and antenna tester easily fits into one hand and produces quick, accurate  measurements from 50kHz-4.4GHz   The durable and rugged cable and antenna analyzer measures VSWR, Distance To Fault( Selectable in Meters or Feet) , Return Loss, Smith Chart, S11 ,S21, and RjZ.  Engineers can view 2 graphs from 2 different parameters at the same time on the LCD color screen.  The screen is viewable in direct sunlight. The unit also features an auto off function for saving valuable battery time and is capable of more than 4 hours of continuous work.

One of the things we love about the Comm Connect 3028 Site One and all the Comm Connect products is their ease of use, simple set up and quick boot up. Experienced engineers or trainees can quickly begin testing.

The built-in storage is accessible via the USB connector. The size of the internal storage is large enough to hold years of measurement data and will show on your PC as a temporary drive. Easily download results and make reports.

For those engineers who require power measurements, the Comm Connect 3030 or Comm Connect 3029 power meters can be used in conjunction with the 3028 and are less expensive than traditional cable and antenna analyzers wth power meter options.

Instruments 4 Engineers offers a wide variety of hard carry cases, accessory kits, adapters and more which can be ordered with the units. Ask us for details when requesting a quote.  We can also offer custom solutions.

The Comm Connect 3028 Site One is a reliable and cost effective tool for any engineers who's seeking an easy to use and truely handheld solution with accurate and dependable results. 


  • Fast Cable and Antenna Measurements
  • 320X240 Pixals Display
  • Lightweight
  • Built in Real Time Clock
  • Graphic display
  • Hold and Store Data on Internal SSD
  • Color LCD display  visiable in direct sunlight
  • Measurement Modes:  SWR &S11, DTF, Smith Chart, S11&S21, S21,S11& Smith Chart, Rjz

Compliance Standards:

  • 89/336/EEC
  • 92/31/EEC
  • 93/68/EEC
  • EN 61000-6-4:2001
  • EN 61000-6-2:2005