ON SALE! Comm Connect 3030 Handheld Thruline Power Meter



£1,300 excl VAT £1,195 excl VAT

The Comm Connect 3030 RF Power Meter covers the frequency range of 30MHz-500MHz with an optional upgrade to 1GHz.It is a reliable Handheld Power Meter used for testing radio networks and more.   In addition the  power meter measures forward and reflected  power in the range 100mW-100W.  The built in frequency counter shows the transmit frequency and calls the the calibration table to show the actual frequency. Outside the range of the counter the Comm Connect 3030 Power Meter can be set into manual mode for a wider dynamic range.

Key Features:

  • Antenna and Cable Return Loss
  • Measure forward power
  • Measure reflected power
  • Use in direct Sunlight
  • Back light for dim areas
  • Auto Power off
  • Setup by Menu system
  • Operate while charging
  • Built in Frequency Counter