Micsig TO1104 PLus Channel 1GS/s 100MHz Tablet Oscilloscope



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Instruments 4 Engineers are proud to be UK and Ireland distributors for Micsig.The Micsig tBook series is the world’s first full touch digital tablet oscilloscope. The Micsig TO1104 is a 4 Channel 100MHz oscilloscope with a 1GS/s sample rate. The Micsig TO1104 has a refresh rate of up to 250.000 wfms/s, enabling users to capture instantaneous signals and abnormal signals quicker.  Please read on below for additional features.


 8 Inch Large Full Captive Screen 800X600 Pixels


Up T0 80K wfm/s Capture Rate:

The high waveform capture rate on the Micsig TO1104 allows for better detection of glitch and runt signals.

By increasing the waveform capture rate, engineers can see a more complete picture of  the signal.



256 Levels Grading Display

A digital fluorescence display allows the user to see the distribution of the signal probability on the display.

As the occurrence of the signal increases in that location, its brightness increases.

Similarly, in regions of low occurrence, the signal will display more dimly.


Lower Nosie Floor

The lower noise floor  on the Micsig TO1104 Handheld 100MHz Oscilloscope is less than 1mV help you to get more accurate measurements.

Choose From 31 Auto Measurements:

 There are 31 auto measurements for the user to choose from on the Measure selection page for the Micsig TO1104 Handheld Oscilloscope
Display all the measurement options on one screen simply by tapping mesure on the screen and selecting the measurement you require.Un-selecting couldn't be easier simply  tap the icon or tap clear to remove all measurements..Exit the menu by typing anywhere else on the screen.