Compliance West CDT240 Capacitor Discharge Tester For Functionality Tests, 8A. Optional 15A





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The Compliance CDT 240  Capacitor Discharge tester  offers engineers a much simpler and quicker way to perform the  IEC Testing of residual voltage after plug disconnect ( 50Hz & 60Hz sources) compared to the traditional method of performing the test. In addition the Capacitor Discharge Tester is lightweight and compact for those labs where space on the test bench is at a premium. 

The CDT-240 disconnects the line at the voltage peak and analyzes results to the requirements of various Standards, allowing quick results.

There is even scope for viewing decaying waveforms.  Multiple built in pre-sets are available on the unit for standards EN61010, EN60065, EN60950, EN60601-1 and EN6033 but customers may also edit the pre-sets if they would like.   The Compliance West CDT-240 offers an enjoyable and hassle free testing experience. Request a quote by contacting Instruments 4 Engineers on +44 (0) 161 871 7450 or adding the item to the quote list and completing the quote request form.

Additional Features:

  • Accurate
  • Meets or exceeds accuracy specifications of CTL DSH 251eate
  • Disconnects input test voltage at positive or negative peak
  •  Microcontroller Technology, one button test, easy to setup, LCD Display indicate test result
  •  Maximum Rated Test Current 8A; 15A optional
  •  CBX built in for functionality test.
  • Ergonomically designed for safety, speed and efficiency
  •  Recommendations for Pluggable Type B equipment.
  • Designed for product development, production and laboratory use
  • Rugged construction that can withstand a 6” drop with no damage


  • ILAC- CDT-   ILAC ISO7025 Calibration
  • CDT-15A- 15 amp maximum rated test current
  • HAN-T Carry Handle Mounted at the Top of the unit
  • HAN-R Carry Handle Mounted at the Right hand side of the unit
  • HAN- L Carry Handle Mounted at the Left hand side of the unit
  • CDT-HC   Hard Carry Case for the CDT 240

Overview of the Compliance West CDT -240 Capacitor Discharge Tester:

In this video from Compliance West we take a look at the overview of the unit as well as a walk through some of the

menu selections on the unit.

 Performing A Voltage Decay Test:

In this video Raul demonstrates how to perform the voltage test . Please note that in the video the CBX box is seperate but in the current models the CBX box is built into the unit.



Using the Compliance West CDT 240 for the EN60950 Capacitive Discharge Test

In this video Jeff discusses EN60950 and demonstrates Capacitive discharge tests using

the CDT 240 .


Conducting a Time Delay Test Instructions and Demonstration:



Why is the Compliance West CDT 240 Capacitor Discharge Tester more accurate than oscilloscope for CTL DSH251e?