Rohde and Schwarz R&S NRVS Power Meter DC -40GHz



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The R&S NRVS power meter performs high precision power, level and voltage measurements from DC to 40 GHz depending which power sensor is used with the unit. It is an ideal instrument for a wide variety of power measurement applications in labs and systems. It's intuitive sensors with calibration data memory make adjustments easy for the engineer.  Details on the various power sensors available for the Rohde and Schwarz NRVS power meter can be found on the datasheet under the documents tab.


Measurement results, units and various items of information are displayed on a large easy-to-read 41/2-digit LC display in three selectable steps of resolution.

Pulse power

If pulse-modulated RF signals are measured, NRVS calculates the pulse peak power from the measured average power and the entered pulse duty factor, and reads out the result directly. The use of Peak Power Sensors NRV-Z31 and -Z32 for measuring the peak envelope power (PEP) is highly recommended.

Measurement rate

The attainable measurement rate not only depends on the type of sensor used but also on the setting of the averaging filter. NRVS automatically makes the appropriate settings by determining the optimum averaging time required for a steady readout as a function of level and selected resolution. This automatic selection can be switched off.