ENI/ E&I 325LA Class A RF Power Amplifier 250kHz-150MHz, 25Watts P1dB






The ENI/E&I 325LA Class A RF Power Amplifier is a reliable 250kHz-150MHz broadband power amplifier offering 25 Watts P1dB power and saturated power of 50Watts.

ENI/ E&I RF Broadband and Solid State Amplifiers have a reputation for being one of the most dependable and rugged amplifiers on the market. Many electronic equipment failures are caused by thermo-mechanical stress. The ENI/E&I 325LA RF Power Amplifier design alleviates this failure mechanism by ensuring that component placing and mounting allow for thermal cycling without stressing the leads or connections. E&I’s design rules dictate that all components run at a maximum of 60% of their rated value. In addition, Mos Fets used in the RF change are operated at below 40% of their rated voltage breakdown.

The ENI/E&I 325LA is ideal for VHF and HF transmitters, RFI/EMI Testing and Lab use. The unit uses solid state durable Mos Fets devices and includes an internal RMS power meter that displays both forward and reverse power. Additionally, the ENI/E&I 325LA RF Power Amplifier accurately reproduces all waveforms within their power and frequency ranges: Amplitude Modulation, Frequency Modulation, SSB, Pulsed as well as many other modulations.

Key Features:

  • All ENI/E&I Amplifiers can withstand any VSWR

  • RF Power in the unit is delivered via rugged Dmos FETs, de-rated to provide superb MTBF Figures.

  • No need for band switching or adjustments

  • Compatible with most signal generators, frequency synthesizers and sweep generators

  • Capable of a wide range of temperatures and line conditions assisted by the conservatively internal switched power supply

  • Forced air cooling system produces low internal temperatures which equals long term reliability.

  • Unit will withstand input signal of +13dBm without damage (1.0 Vrms) ma