Clare STML SafeTest Manufacturing Luminiare




The Clare STML (Safetest Manufacturing Luminaire) is ideal for any business who manufacturers lighting.   It can be set up in a production line for large manufacturers or used as a standalone unit for those businesses who are producing bespoke lighting.

The Clare STML is one of the few units on the market that is recommended and recognized by The Lighting Industry Association.

All Manufacturers of Luminaire products must be able to demonstrate that their products adhere to the EU Directives for their industry.   The Clare Safetest Manufacturing Luminaire meets the standard for Low Voltage Directives in IEC/EN 60598-1 by having the ability to test electrical safety tests as follows:

Earth Bond

Insulation Resistance

Flash Testing

Leakage Tests

Short To Line and Run/Load Tests

The Clare STML is an easy to use and versatile unit. All tests can be chosen individually and performed manually or semi –automatic.  The unit can store up to 6000 test results.   Customers can either manually create reports or purchase PatGuard 3 Software for downloading the results from the tester and creating reports.   Customers can also create labels with barcodes and their company logo by purchasing the Desk Test and Tag print from Instruments 4 Engineers.  In addition, a barcode scanner can be purchased for product identification.  A datasheet and copy of the manual can be found under the documents tab if  you have questions or wish to discuss your application please contact Instruments 4 Engineers on +44 (0) 161 871 7450

Technical specification

Flash/Hipot Test (Class I)

Test Voltage Class I 1.5kV AC
Display Range 0.1 – 10.00mA
Resolution 0.01mA
Accuracy +/- 5% +/- 2 digits
Pass Levels Selectable up to 10mA

Flash/Hipot Test (Class II)

Test Voltage Class II 3.0kV AC
Range 0.1 – 10.00mA
Resolution 0.01mA
Accuracy +/- 5% +/- 2 digits
Pass Levels Selectable up to 10mA

Earth/Ground Bond Test

Test Voltage 6VAC (open circuit)
Test Currents 25A, 10A, 4A, 100mA AC into short circuit
Range 0.04 - 20Ω
Resolution 1mΩ
Accuracy +/- 5% +/- 2 digits
Pass Levels User selectable

DC Insulation Test

Test Voltages 250V, 500VDC
Range 100k - 50M
Accuracy +/- 5% +/- 2 digits

Earth Leakage (Load Leakage)

Voltage Mains Supply
Range 0.1 – 20mA
Resolution 0.01 mA
Accuracy +/- 10% +/- 2 digits (1.00 – 20mA)
Pass Levels Selectable up to 10 mA

Substitute Leakage (Short to case test)

Voltage 40VAC nominal at 230V/110V supply
Range 0.1 – 20mA
Resolution 0.01 mA
Accuracy +/- 10% +/- 2 digits (1.00 – 20 mA)
Pass Levels Selectable up to 15 mA

Power/Run/Load Test

Measured Load 0 – 4.2kVA
Resolution 0.01 kVA
Accuracy +/- 10% of reading, +/- 2 digits


Test performed Live & Neutral continuity & polarity

External Connections

Serial Port
Parallel Port
Guard Switch

General Specifications

Dimensions (w x h x d): 450 x 410 x 155mm / 17.7 x 16.1 x 6.1”
Weight: 9kg / 19.8lb
Operating Voltage Range: 103V – 126V, 207V – 253V, 45Hz – 65Hz
Operating Temperature: 0 – 40°C

1.Q. Is the Clare STML (Safetest Manufacturing Luminaire) compliant with the EN50191 standard?

A. Just the basic unit alone would not be but if you purchase the Beacon Port and Guard Switch options then the Clare STML would be compliant with EN50191

2.Q. Do I have to purchase PATGuard Software for the unit?

A. It depends what you’d like to do with the unit. If you want to be able to download the results to a PC then would you need to buy the PatGuard Software. However we do have some customers who simply copy down the results and enter them  in an excel spreadsheet or have created their own software. If you are unsure please contact us. We will be happy to assist you

3.Q. Our facility tests hundreds of LED Lights per hour. Would the Clare Safetest Luminaire be suitable for our application?

A. Most likely not for those levels. However Instruments 4 Engineers offers other units which would likely be suitable. Contact us to discuss your options.