Noisecom NC346A Noise Source 18GHz ENR 5-7dB







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The Noisecom NC346A noise source is designed for precision noise figure measurments.

The Low VSWR reduces multple reflections and significantly increases the measurement accuracy for many noise figure applications.


  • ROHs Compliant
  • Broadband Coverage
  • Cost effective and excellent Quality Compared to Keysight 346A
  • Excellent Voltage Stability
  • Noise Figure Meter Compatible
  • Extremely Good Temperature Stability 

Quick Specifications

Calibration 1 GHz steps
Temperature coefficient  Less than 0.009 dB/°XC
Operating temperature 0°C to +55°C
Input power +28 VDC °”2 VDC at 15 mA typical for NC346 A, B & D
VSWR Less than 1.15:1 from 10 MHz °V 5 GHz for units with 5 °V 7 dB or 14 °V16 dB ENR
Regulator Built-in
Voltage coefficient < 0.002 dB/%ΔV