Protek A338 300kHz-8GHz Vector Network Analyzer 4 Ports




The Protek A338 4 Port 300 kHz-8GHz Vector Network Analyser is reliable, easy to use and offers excellent features as standard such as fast sweep time, frequency offset, Time Domain and Colour Touch Screen.

The layout and software of the Protek A338 is very similar to Agilent Network Analysers. Many engineers who have experience with Agilent VNA’s are able to quickly begin testing.

For labs who are price sensitive and limited on space, the Protek A338 Network Analyser is smaller compared to traditional Network Analysers and offers value at a significant cost savings.

Additionally, 2 Port network analyzers and 3GHz network analyzers are available in the Protek Range. Please find further information under the documents tab " Protek Range of Network Analyzers" or ask us more information.

The Protek is ideal for R&D, Antenna & Cable Testing, production lines for passive components, smartphones and more.


Key Features:

  • Frequency Range : 100kHz ~ 8GHz, 16 Parameters support (S11 ~ S44)
  • Measurement time per point : 100us per point
  • Wide Output Power Range : -60dBm to +10dBm
  • Dynamic Range : >150dB (1Hz IF bandwidth)
  • Time domain and gating conversion included
  • Two Independent Signal Sources
  • Frequency offset mode, including vector mixer calibration measurements
  • Up to 16 logical channels with 16 traces each
  • Multiple precision calibration methods and automatic calibration
  • Up to 500,001 measurement points
  • Fixture simulation
  • USB/LAN Communication Interface/ GPIB Option
  • COM/DCOM compatible for LabView and automation programming